Annie’s House is a one level, 11,500 square foot visitor center that will replace the existing chalet at Bottineau Winter Park with a new facility designed to accommodate the needs of skiers with both physical and cognitive disabilities from across North Dakota and  neighboring Manitoba. Approximately 50% the public space in the new facility will support the adaptive ski program and needs of disabled skiers and their families. This will be the first facility in North Dakota focused on empowering disabled skiers and their families to enjoy outdoor sports during winter while also providing a year-round facility to accommodate other adaptive sports.

Annie’s House will provide an integrated, adaptive ski facility and program to accommodate the special needs of disabled children and young adults with both cognitive disabilities such as autism, mental retardation, and Down’s Syndrome, and physical disabilities such as blindness, cerebral palsy, and spinal cord injuries. In addition, Annie’s House will be designed to provide adaptive ski equipment and programs for wounded warriors who returned from Iraq and Afghanistan challenged with physical disabilities resulting from amputation and traumatic brain injury.


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New York Says Thank You Foundation and Bottineau Winter Park are seeking to raise $1,500,000 to help finance the building materials and related construction costs to build Annie’s House. This project will leverage an estimated $300,000 in volunteer labor and donated materials. Construction is planned for the Summer and fall of 2012. Donations to support this effort can be sent to Bottineau Winter Park at PO Box 168 Bottineau ND 58318 or to the Bottineau Area Community Foundation which is a 501c-3 organization.


CONTACTS: Jeff Parness, New York Says Thank You Foundation,   917-806-8061



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New York Says Thank You Foundation

One the Nation’s leading volunteer organizations focused on the 9/11 Anniversary, is partnering with The Bottineau Winter Park in Bottineau, ND to help build Annie’s House at Bottineau Winter Park.

Creating North Dakota’s first adaptive ski facility to teach disabled children, young adults, and wounded warriors how to ski. while also providing a year-round facility to accommodate other adaptive sports in honor of Ann Nelson a resident of Stanley, North Dakota who was the only North Dakota resident to perish in the World Trade Center attacks in New York City on 9/11.